Ev charging stations in India

Types Of EV Chargers In India

Customers can get a massive variety of electricity-driven vehicles. Four-wheelers and two-wheelers of diverse designs can visit modern EV charging stations for a quick electric recharge. Depending upon the different applications of these charging stations, you can find diverse EV charging points in the country. Let us look at the various varieties available in the domain.

B2B variety

Top-rated electric vehicle charging station developers like ElectriVa developed their facilities for different customers. Broadly speaking, these customers and the projects fall into two categories – B2B and B2C. In the B2B category, ElectriVa has developed charging stations in several facilities like amusement parks, commercial buildings, real estate properties, parking lots, corporate offices, Healthcare organizations, shopping complexes, film multiplexes, restaurants, hotels and resorts, etc. An increasing number of business institutes are opting to develop these charging facilities within their premises to offer better value, convenience, and comfort, for their patrons.

B2C facilities

In the second category of EV charging points in India comes the B2C facilities, where brands like ElectriVa develop their charging stations as a business property that solely emerged to support the charging of electric vehicles in modern Indian cities. These charging stations are present in various vital city points, the Highways, and city suburbs, which act as petrol pumps and offer refueling services to all petrol and diesel-driven automobiles. These electric vehicle charging stations can assist drivers and EV owners to get fast and convenient charging for their electric vehicles and remain on the go without much problem.

Human intervention

One of the attributes that will determine the EV charging type or variety is the human intervention index in the station operations. Some of the latest EV charging stations have fully automated operative systems where the customers can help themselves without the intervention of any manual support. Such fully automated IoT-supported or driven charging stations are modern, fast, and convenient for electric automobile drivers and users.

Charging power intensity

Most charging stations get their power or operative supremacy from the quality of the charging point facilitated for the customers. AC charging is a low-capacity charging which takes more time to charge up two-wheelers and four-wheelers. As compared to AC charging, DC charging is a much more high-capacity charging facility that can charge large automobiles and make the automobile charging procedure fast, effective, and convenient. The aspect of AC or DC charging does not affect the cost factor of EV charging stations and hence, is a parameter of convenience alone for the customer.

Automobile design and caliber

Apart from the features of automation and charging capacity, the design of EV charging stations in India is just as imperative. Some of the best quality stations, like those brought to market by ElectriVa in Delhi, have multiple charging points and the capacity to charge different automobile designs and dimensions. These EV charging stations can equally facilitate four-wheelers and two-wheelers of diverse models.

Aggressive support to development

Irrespective of the charging station design, type, or variety that we are talking about, each one of these EV charging stations offers aggressive support and assistance to the brands manufacturing and supplying electric vehicles and automobiles to the national and global markets. Aggressive use of these electric vehicles will depend equally on the charging facilities, which can help automobile users and owners to keep them functional and on the go relentlessly.

Nurturing the planet

It is needless to say, these electric vehicle charging stations are playing a vital role in nurturing the planet and its environment. In modern times, questions of pollution and carbon emission are a much-debated topic, and scientists are looking for different ways in which carbon emission and pollution are to be brought under control. Electric vehicles and automobiles are one of the most effective ways of controlling carbon emissions and environmental pollution, and these electric vehicle charging stations are contributing massively to reducing carbon footprints worldwide. No wonder these EV charging stations in India are such eminent projects, and their developers ElectriVa, are a vital partner in national development and environmental preservation. The nation and its population owe a green and clean future to the Electrical Vehicle manufacturers, suppliers, and supportive Electrical Automobile charging stations. 

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Why Choose ElectriVa? The Benefits Of Our EV Charging Stations

Electricity-driven vehicles are the recent addition to the automobile domain and have taken the Global market by storm. Among the diverse advantages of an electricity-driven vehicle, one of the biggest perks of these four-wheelers and two-wheelers is their friendly disposition towards the planet’s environment. Naturally, an increasing number of customers in India and other foreign countries are opting for electric vehicles.

Demand for charging stations 

Just as the demand for electricity-driven vehicles is increasing, electric vehicle charging stations are also experiencing greater demand. These stations are emerging in massive numbers in different parts of the world, especially in metropolitan cities. If you live in the Indian national capital, look for an Electriva-driven electric vehicle charging Station in Delhi for optimal service convenience.

What is Electriva?

If you are new to the domain, you must start with an introduction to Electriva,  a top-grade operator in the EV charging domain. The brand has developed a long string of EV charging points in various parts of the nation to partner with the brands developing electric-driven vehicles nationwide and worldwide. ElectriVa, with its numerous EV charging stations in Delhi and other parts of India, has a long list of benefits for its customers. Read the following write-up to know all about them.

Multiple charging facilities

The long queues of waiting for customers at petrol pumps are a common sight that every vehicle owner, driver, and,  the user has experienced when they have gone for a fuel refill. The first benefit that an Electriva vehicle charging station has to offer multiple charging points. Several four-wheelers and two-wheelers can get their electric charges from these charging stations simultaneously, making the whole process fast and efficient.

Suitable for all

The second advantage of top great electric vehicle charging Stations in Delhi lies in their all-inclusive nature. A single charging station has the infrastructure to charge four-wheeler and two-wheeler electricity-driven vehicles. As a result, all electricity-driven automobile owners, users, and drivers can go to a single charging point for their requirements.

Fully automated system

Most of us with experience of standing in long lines of petrol pumps know the drawbacks of a manually operated system. Here again, the electric charging stations score more than their competitors as these systems are fully automated and do not have any human intervention. The customers do not need any human assistant or service provider at the charging station, and they can help themselves through fully IoT-supported operations.

Connect with the mobile app

One of the main advantages of electric vehicle charging points supported, developed, and driven by Electriva is the mobile app developed by the brand. You can download this app on your mobile and look at all the nearest EV charging stations from your location. This app can support automobile drivers and users new to a city or a locality, to find an EV charging station.

Well balanced distribution

Now, you can find electric vehicle charging stations in the central city area, the city suburbs, and the highway regions. The leading electric vehicle charging station developing brand has given much attention to the distribution of this station. Even if you plan to travel by road with your electric vehicle, you can be sure about the availability of a charge station at various points on the highway for a hassle-free ride in your electric automobile.

Contributing towards a greener future

The electric vehicles are a substantial step towards a cleaner, greener, and environment-friendly future. Electricity-driven automobiles are a substantial step towards reducing carbon emissions and carbon footprints worldwide. Brands like Electriva prove that electric charging station development projects are crucial support projects to encourage increased production of electricity-driven automobiles. To date, as many as a thousand charging stations are operational in various parts of the nation, and a more progressive plan is ready for the future. As reports share, nearly 750 tons of carbon emissions have been reduced in India, which has helped in massive control of air pollution in the country. ElectriVa as a brand, has plans to develop several other EV charging points in the main cities and also on the highways to facilitate EV drivers and owners as best as possible. 

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Where Can I Find Type-2 Charging Stations Near Delhi, And How Much Does It Cost To Charge My Vehicle There?

Keeping the growing need for charging infrastructure required for the smooth performance of EV, the Indian Government is planning multiple charging stations. On the other hand, many locations are fully facilitated with fast-speed charging amenities. Whether you are in a hurry or in the midst of your journey, your EV battery can be easily charged on the way. However, people who have just started to experience the benefits of electric mobility need to understand the important aspects related to EV charging before looking for suitable recommendations. 

To start with, if you are planning to avail charging facilities for your electric automobile at home, then, AC charger infrastructure will be sufficient for you. Alternatively, the setting up or installation of EV charging station must be addressed through the following steps: 

Installation of EV charging station for home 

When it comes to setting up the home charging station for EV, Type 1, Type 2, and DC & fast charging amenities should be chosen. Depending on the efficiency of charging facilities, you must connect with the top EV charging networks to finalize the right option. On the other hand, the professional technician should be hired for the installation of EV supply equipment or home charging solutions for EV. Well, this may incur upfront costs, but, the proper installation of home charging equipment for recharging electrical vehicles is a practical investment to consider.

Well-researched location should be used for setting up EV charging station 

Convenient accessibility is the key aspect to focus on while setting up the type 1 or type 2 charging station in New Delhi for EV. In short, parking the automobile without any hassle is another point to reflect over, so that, the charging session for your automobile does not get hampered. It also implies that the parking station should have access to the electrical outlet to support the charging process. Alternatively, the electrical panel at home should be within the parking station to enable the EV charger to function uninterruptedly. 

Proper electrical wiring inspection 

Specifically, in the case of type 2 charging station installation at home, the electric panel or outlet should be compatible with the voltage & other requirements of the EV charger. On a practical note, the electrical panel should be upgraded or a safety-compliant wiring system should be invested in to accommodate the power requirements of the EV charging station. Be it in terms of safety, speed, or electrical compatibility with fast charging, the proper installation by hiring a well-qualified electrician will be the right decision. The electrician will run a quick check to evaluate the performance and the scope of upgrades required before the installation of the type EV charging equipment. 

Charging station connectivity quick-check

After the installation of type 2 EV charging station in Delhi, connecting the equipment to the electrical panel of the home should be executed by following the manufacturer’s user guide. Additionally, exploring the basic yet very important steps of mounting the station on a wall or addressing the electric panel connectivity must be followed. This step will apply to the DIY set-up of the EV charging unit.

In addition to the above steps, plugging in EV to start a rapid charging session, regulating the EV charging process to check the status of the battery and the remaining time, and unplugging and disconnecting the charger from EV are the crucial steps to be addressed while using the charging services for the electrical vehicles. 

Locating the type 2 charging station in Delhi for EV 

Even though there are over 30,000 charging stations for EV in Delhi, the speed of charging infrastructure may be variable. Depending on the slow speed, inexpensive, and fast speed EV charging services, these stations are equipped with type 1, type 2, and DC fast and CCS chargers. Be it the accessibility to one of the best out of the 118 EV charging stations in East Delhi, 60 charging stations in West Delhi or 157 charging stations in South Delhi, and 24 charging stations in North Delhi, the whole idea is to simplify the accessibility. Hence, Electriva, the one-stop EV charging solution helps you in recommending the type 2 charging infrastructure and the setting up of EV charging stations for home as well as commercial requirements. 

All our competitively priced EV chargers to be installed at home have variable cost structure. Based on the features of the EV charger, innovative mechanism, and the additional services of installation & inspection, our professionals customize the package for the consumers. For a detailed discussion about the EV charging infrastructure compatibility, cost, and demo, share your requirements at info@electrivaindia.com 

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ccs fast charger in Delhi

Ways To Charge Your EV (Electric Vehicle) Easily

The traditional transportation system poses two major interruptions in the lives of consumers, namely increased carbon emissions and rising oil costs. To put an end to the dilemma of managing the above-stated issues, EV or electric vehicles are being promoted to maintain eco-friendly transportation and eliminate the dependency on oil (fuel) usage. Additionally, the operational challenges related to charging and keeping the automobile accessible, a comprehensive approach on charging infrastructure is being planned by the Indian Government, according to the type of EVs. From the allocation of fast chargers, battery chargers, and the installation of battery charging stations, the automated system is gradually facilitating to EV owners to access the services without any hindrance. 

Besides, it the robust charging infrastructure with the rapid operational speed needs to be explored while considering the best charger for the electric vehicle. India has set on the journey to become the leader in the implementation of sustainable transportation with the adoption of EVs while improving economic growth and working towards public welfare. In terms of the charging facilities for electric vehicles, over 1500 EV charging stations have been set up in India. Specifically, the growth of ccs fast charger in Delhi is unmatched and it has become the globally accepted charging standard due to its convenient accessibility and efficient speed to recharge an EV. 

Undoubtedly, people who own EVs are looking for simplified, yet, resourceful options to recharge their vehicle. Whether it is the overall approach of charging, efficiency, accessibility to the charging infrastructure . When choosing the best charger for your EV, consider factors like charging speed and the availability of charging points near you. Apps and online resources can help you find “charging point near me” options, ensuring convenient locations for charging on the go. Let’s discuss some of the tips that will make the charging session of the EV easier and better, based on the type of electric vehicle.

Options to charge EVs in a hassle-free manner 

Planning a long drive is one of the insightful decisions for EV owners as they need to think about the charging capacity and whether the battery will be sufficient to complete the trip. On top of it, if the public EV charging stations have to be counted on, then, the speed of charging, availability and cost-effectiveness need to be assessed, beforehand. Contrarily, the following ways of charging your electric vehicles will fetch better outcomes: 

  1. Level 1 DC charging for EV 

Plugging in the DC level 1 charger to recharge EVs through the charging infrastructure available at home or installed in the vehicle is the easiest option to count on. As a part of this step, the 120-volt socket can be installed at home to execute the charging process of EV. In fact, by accessing the level DC charging, the EV can be recharged at home without going anywhere. This charging option is less expensive, but, may consume more time to recharge your electric vehicle.

  1. Level 2 DC charging 

The Level 2 EV charging setup is comparatively more efficient than the Level 1 DC charger installed at home. Apart from the fast charging, the battery health of EV chargers also gets retained. Additionally, this EV charging setup is designated just for electric vehicles and cannot be used for other purposes. 

  1. Level 3 DC fast charging 

If you are short of time and looking for an efficient and reliable charging option for EV, then, the Level 3 DC fast charging through its designated charging station. On a practical note, the ccs fast charger in Delhi of Level 3 EV is highly used by electric automobile manufacturers. But, it is highly recommended to check the compatibility of the electric vehicle with the connector available at the EV charging station. 

Choose the right charging option by choosing Electriva’s EV charging point 

The pros and cons of slow-speed and fast-speed charging options designated for electric vehicles need to be evaluated before availing the EV charging services. In case, you do not use your vehicle overnight and do not have a hurry to recharge your automobile, then, the Level 1 slow charging for EV can be selected. It will take up to 5 hours to charge the battery of the EV. The cost of this option of charging is also cheaper than the fast EV charging stations. Nevertheless, if you are planning to explore aspects like off-peak or smart EV charging, facilities to charge EVs available at retail places, and other expert recommendations related to the fast chargers for your electric vehicles, then, reach out to Electriva, the one-stop EV charging solution at info@electrivaindia.com!

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Ev charging points in Kanpur

List Of EV Charging Stations In Kanpur

The Indian government has realized the need to promote Electric Vehicles (EVs) among its growing population. The objective is to curb pollution, save precious dollars by reducing oil imports, and protect the environment. With the current government striving hard to introduce more number of EVs on Indian roads, the demand for charging stations is increasing. 

EV Charging stations

Public charging stations for electric vehicles are a new experience in the country for many. Most EV owners charge their vehicles at their homes using dedicated chargers. However, home-based chargers are slow in charging and take several hours to charge fully. On the other hand, public charging stations are considered to be fast. Hence, what should you expect from E-charging stations? 

Locating a charging station

  • Use your vehicle’s built-in navigation system. Advanced infotainment systems provide distance to the nearest charging stations. Besides this, it provides an estimate of the vehicle’s remaining charge.
  • Dedicated applications: These days, operators have launched dedicated mobile apps. You may download them on your smartphone to locate the nearest charging station. 
  • If your EV lacks a built-in navigation system, you may use Google Maps to locate the nearest station in your region. Google Maps are handy and offer accurate information. You may rely on them. 

Other useful information

  • DC or AC charging stations: Public charging stations offer quick and high-speed charging. They provide DC fast charging support with over 50kW capacity. Few premium EVs are built with high charging capacity. DC chargers can be useful. 
  • Unmanned charging stations: The charging station’s business model encourages unmanned operation. EV stations are primarily self-service networks. Online app support helps complete the charging process and make online payments. 
  • You can charge EVs with a max charging capacity of 7.2kW with higher capacity chargers, like 22kW. The reason is that the pre-programmed EV hardware determines the amount of power it can consume. 
  • Like your smartphone, you don’t have to bother plugging into a higher output charger than the vehicle’s input specification. 
  • Be aware of your vehicle’s capacity and the charger port type. Evaluate its compatibility with the public charging station. 
  • Indian passenger vehicles use AC type-2 charging plugs. On the other hand, DC fast-charging EVs have Type-2 CCS charging plugs. 
  • Few commercial vehicles have CHAdeMO charging points. Few public charging stations provide such charging points. 

EV charging location

EV infrastructure in India is still in its developing stage. Charging stations are established inside existing fuel pumps, corporate parks, hotel premises, and mall parking. However, roadside public charging stations are yet to pick up pace due to a lack of confidence among investors and entrepreneurs. However, the U.P. government offers subsidies to encourage investors to launch new EV charging points in Kanpur and other cities.

EV charging capacity

Public stations might have multiple or singular points. The same premise could have varying charging points to support different EV brands and models. Charging capacity could be divided based on charging port numbers. The station might advertise a 120kW charging capacity. However, it possesses two charging ports. In reality, their optimum charging capacity is 60kW.

Waiting time

With increasing EVs and fewer chargers at public charging stations, chances are high that you wait in a queue on arrival. Few dedicated apps may provide charger-occupied notifications. It enables you to plan your charging needs accordingly. However, some apps might not. It means you have to locate another station or wait for your turn. Some owners might leave their vehicles plugged in, even after reaching 100% charge level. 

Power cut issues

Power outages are common in rural areas. Frequent power cuts may disrupt the charging process. The sad truth is that charging won’t resume after power returns. You have to restart the procedure manually. Hence, keep a sharp vigil on our charging app to know the current charging status to ensure your vehicle is 100% charged. 

Using digital wallets to make payments

Mobile apps operate freely and do not face any government regulations. Hence, each dedicated station has launched its own app. However, some of them could be more user-friendly. They may use separate digital wallets, which can be a hassle for most owners. Many stations do not use cash. Hence, register with a couple of digital wallets to ensure a hassle-free charging experience at public stations. 

Nearby amenities

Charging your vehicle at a public charging station will take time. You may utilize this spare time to hang around or shop for essential items. Some public stations have amenities close by like dhabas, restaurants, washrooms, recreational places for children, theatres, etc. You may relax until your car gets charged fully and ready to drive long distances.

Stay informed!

It will be useful to stay well-informed about public charging stations in the country. It allows you to make the most from your charging process and ensure your vehicle stays safe and is used to the optimum.

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How To Charge Your EV Confidently: A Guide To The Dos And Don’ts

EVs (Electric Vehicles) are increasingly becoming popular around the world. With more EVs plying on the roads, the demand for charging stations has risen significantly in the last couple of years. EV car and bike owners seek easy and quick access to fast charging stations at strategic points in their city. The central and federal governments encourage EV sales and installation of charging stations. 

Essential things to consider

Public EV charging stations provide convenient access to all owners to fast charge their vehicles. While using them, follow certain charging etiquette. Know them in detail. It includes respecting prevailing government rules and regulations. Optimize energy efficiency and care for other drivers on the road. Considering these aspects allows you to enjoy driving your EVs on highways and busy roads. 

Check battery

Download the battery checker app provided by the leading public EV charging company. Provide some details about your EV and monitor your battery’s present health condition. The app offers accurate and unique information that allows you to know when to charge the battery the next time. Perform this activity each time before charging the battery. It ensures the battery’s optimum performance and saves time.

Do’s and Don’t s to follow while charging your EV at public stations

  • Ensure all EV users access charging facilities: Following appropriate charging etiquette ensures easy access and availability of charging stations to all EV users. It is crucial in areas with limited charging infrastructure. 
  • Optimize energy efficiency: Following charging etiquette helps optimize energy efficiency. You use energy more efficiently and contribute towards saving the environment. 
  • Save on expenses: Following appropriate charging etiquette helps save money on your charging expenses. Off-peak hour charging rates at EV charging point in Delhi are lower than peak hours. Avail of this advantage to save precious money. 
  • Monitor charging process: Monitor keenly the charging process. As the battery reaches 80%, disconnect the charging cable. Charging beyond this level reduces its lifespan and damages the battery.
  • Higher power output charging station: For fast charging EVs, select Level-3 charging station. It takes less time to obtain a full charge. You can charge your vehicle quickly and avoid queues.
  • Join membership programs: When searching for a reliable EV charging points in Delhi, check if they offer membership programs. It helps you to avail lots of benefits including discounts on your charges. 
  • Use fast chargers to the minimum: Fast charging your electric vehicle saves time and allows you to rush with your work. However, excessive fast charging is not good as it impacts the battery’s health negatively.
  • Safety considerations: Follow appropriate EV charging procedures. Do not tamper with any charging equipment. It helps maintain charging station functionality and keeps you safe. 
  • Impact on other users: While charging your EV at public charging stations, consider the impact on other users. If the place has limited charging, be wary of station usage duration. Respect others’ charging needs.

Access public charging stations wisely 

Follow prevailing public station rules and regulations. It includes choosing designated spots to park your vehicle and respecting time limits. Otherwise, improper parking will restrict other drivers who might want to access the station to charge their vehicles. Follow appropriate etiquette to derive the benefits.

Tips to locate and use public charging stations

  • Research the web for available charging options: Do not wait for the last moment to charge your EV battery. Research available charging options in your area. Plan your needs. Locate the places where you can avail of public charging stations and their operational hours. 
  • Use station locator website or app: Download the locator app on your smartphone to find and access public charging stations on your route. Apps provide real-time information on charging station status, availability, and direction. Few include a trip planner to reduce stress and avoid higher prices.
  • Get authorization to access and use the private charging stations: You may seek to charge your vehicle at a private business-owned station, like an office building or a hotel. Inquire the front desk about usage conditions, rules, and regulations to follow. Such places could be reserved for their regular customers and employees.

Maintain proper etiquette

Follow proper charging etiquette to derive the benefits. It helps optimize energy efficiency and reduce charging costs. You can enjoy a hassle-free, smooth EV charging and driving experience.

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ev charging station in Lajpat Nagar

Charging E-Vehicles At Kerala State Electricity Board Stations To Cost Rs 15/Unit

Kerala is among the top states in India promoting the circulation of EVs. It is leading the route in electric vehicle adoption among the commoners. One of the reasons behind such a progressive policy is the role of the Kerala government. In the last few years, the Kerala government has developed and promoted proactive policies and measures to encourage the use and adoption of electric vehicles in the state. The proactive approach of the Kerala government, with the aid of KSEB, has helped develop an extensive network of charging stations for EVs in the state. The increasing number of charging stations in Kerala is a testament to the government policies. One can find various types of charging stations in multiple locations. Apart from the placement of the charging stations, the cost factor has enhanced the process to the next level. All these have enhanced the strategies for improving access to EV charging stations in the south Indian state. 

Overview of Electric Vehicle Charging in Kerala

Kerala has always been the flagbearer of the recent electric vehicle revolution in India. The role of the state government is incredible in this aspect. The bureaucrats have always adhered to a proactive approach to incentivize the use and promotion of electric vehicles among the Keralites. The new-age EV charging stations across various parts of the state have helped in the significant increase of EVs in the state. In the next ten to fifteen years, the numbers will only increase exponentially. One of the best reasons for the EV adoption growth is the ever-evolving charging infrastructure. The EV charging station in Kerala are reliable and efficient. The government has focused on the best measures to ensure optimal maintenance of the charging points in the state. Hence, one can expect a consistent and reliable service for the EVs. It is an integral reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of electric vehicles in Kerala. 

The types of EV charging stations in Kerala

Apart from the infrastructure, the availability of DC and AC charging stations has helped the EV adoption growth in the south Indian state. The different types of EV charging stations in the state boosts the convenience of EV users. One can spot public and private charging stations, with fast and slow chargers. The charging tariff is an additional benefit for EV users. 

The public charging stations are funded by government schemes. The maintenance depends on the state government as well. The private charging stations are funded and maintained by the corporate and private entities. 

The Kerala State Electricity Board, or KSEB, is in charge of all the public charging stations. One can find leading brands like – ElectriVa, as the reliable operator of EV charging stations in Kerala. The chargers are also diverse and dynamic. Get the fast chargers (DC chargers) and slow chargers (AC chargers) as per the requirements of the car and affordability. The fast chargers can ensure a full charge within an hour. The slow chargers can more than three hours for a full charge. 

About the cost – The cost of charging your EV depends on the charging station and its infrastructure. Public charging stations are affordable with the Rs 15/Unit tariff. The private charging stations are expensive. However, the experience and convenience of using private charging stations are better compared to public charging stations. The best EV charging stations in Kerala provide a hassle-free experience and efficient charging solution. One can also avail of discounts or incentives to manage the overall cost and ensure affordability. 

Cost-determinants that you must know – 

The cost of EV charging in Kerala depends on more than one factor. It includes the electricity rate, charging efficiency, and charging method. Know the following factors and calculate the cost of charging an EV in Kerala – 

  • Electricity Rate – The most significant factor is the cost of electricity per unit (kWh). The base tariff of the Kerala State Electricity Board Stations is Rs 15/Unit, making it an affordable choice for all EV users.
  • Battery Capacity – The capacity of the battery of an electric car is crucial in recognizing the charging cost and efficiency. 
  • Charging Efficiency – Electric vehicles need efficient charging. It requires fast conversion of electrical energy into usable energy for driving. The efficiency differs with the various EV models. The average efficiency range is around 80-90%. 

Closing note – Make an informed choice. 

The actual expenditure of EV charging depends on the dynamic factors discussed here. With the best-in-class charging infrastructure supported by the operators, ease the worries of efficient charging. Make an informed choice by reviewing the influencing factors for the overall expenditure of EV charging in Kerala. The future is EV, and it is vital to recognize the factors beforehand!

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Electriva Has Installed DC Fast Charging Station At Trivandrum

The economic essentiality of electric vehicles (EVs) is increasing exponentially. Over time, the significance of the charging infrastructure of EVs has changed for the better. The essentiality of accessing the best charging points for EVs cannot be overstated. There are various charging options available for the modern electronic vehicles. However, the DC fast charging stations have emerged as a game-changer. Why? The unparalleled speed and convenience of the fast charging stations have benefitted thousands of EV users. 

Charge without worries with ElectriVa

ElectriVA, a trusted partner for EV owners and businesses associated with electronic vehicles has a prime role in the process. Our company is among the fastest-growing EV charging point operators in the Indian market. In a short span, we have established our presence across India with diversified amenities. The charging points exhibit the best analytical tools, and state-of-the-art infrastructure, promoting clean mobility for EVs. 

ElectriVa has established charging station in Trivandrum with a fast-charging infrastructure. The charging station is ideal to address the dynamic requirements of consumers with maximized resources. Our objective is to reduce the vehicular carbon footprints, with the use of high-speed chargers. Our charging resources do not impact the ecological balance. 

Uninterrupted charging – What makes ElevtriVa the pioneer?

The open platform for charging electric vehicles with maximized speed and zero interruption makes the branded operator the best in the field. With the best charging solutions, ensure affordable, efficient, and powerful charging sessions for the EV. The DC fast charging station in Trivandrum by ElectriVa has outperformed the rest. It has facilitated the EV charging needs of B2B and B2C segments. 

Charging convenience for Trivandrum EV users – The need of the hour!

Over time, the essentiality of the automated system for electric vehicles has been enhanced to the next level. It is integral to create a comprehensive and simple-to-operate console for EVs. The charging setup EVs in Kerala is cost-effective and efficient for the extensive resources backed by ElectriVa.  

Ensure fast charging – Impeccable power output

Fast charging is among the primary features expected at a charging station in Trivandrum. The DC fast charging stations exhibit an exceptional charging speed. These are unique and distinct from the AC chargers, which take hours to refill an EV’s battery. The modern DC fast chargers can charge in a few minutes. The rapid charging capacity makes them ideal for all users while driving outside. Say bye-bye to the unwanted and long waiting times at the charging stations. DC fast chargers deliver a high power output and energy to the EV battery in a short period. 

Compatible solutions for EV charging – A convenient choice

Modern electric vehicles are enhancing with time. Over time, the capacity of EV batteries is increasing. DC fast charging stations can accommodate modern batteries, ensuring the requirements of the latest EV models. The enhanced compatibility makes them ideal and a future-proof investment for charging infrastructure providers and EV developers in the industry. DC fast charging stations boost the charging needs during long-distance travel, helping electric vehicle owners. The strategically placed charging stations in Kerala along the highways and travel routes, make the quick and efficient charging ideal from all ways.

Promoting the best EV solutions – The growing essentiality

Governments (state and central) have understood the importance of expanding the electric vehicle charging infrastructure inside the country (including India). The government of India has offered incentives and launched support programs to facilitate the installation and maintenance of the DC fast charging stations. 

The government initiatives encourage the use of EVs by private and public entities. The increasing number of charging station in Trivandrum makes it convenient for them to invest in the electric mobility ecosystem. The best-in-class DC fast charging stations contribute to the EV sustainability index, boosting the electric vehicle ecosystem to the next level. The fast charging times have reduced the need for multiple charging sessions. With the best charging infrastructure, one can resolve the needs conveniently.

Summing up

The world is shifting towards a sustainable and electrified future. The use of EVs with an increased number of charging points has reflected the overall awareness of the users. Decode the role of DC fast charging stations in and outside Kerala and make a futuristic choice. 

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Ev charging station for e-auto

Gas? Who Needs Gas? EV Charging Station For E-auto

The discussions for ways to preserve the planet and its environment are getting hotter and more dynamic worldwide, with which we are looking for greener options in every life aspect. Even in transportation, research and investigations have been ripe for greener choices. Electricity-driven vehicles are the direct outcome of the massive research for environmentally friendly vehicles. As our vehicle designs change, their fuelling requirements have also changed. 

New and matching charging stations

The modern age of electric cars requires EV charging stations for e-auto. As the charging station name indicates, these stations are much different from the conventional gas refueling stations we know. In sync with the electricity-driven car nature, the charging stations offer electricity charging for cars, not petroleum and related products. Since the modern age, EV cars run on electricity, when they need charging, they are connected to the AC or DC circuits, and they get charged up for further performance. With the growing numbers of e-cars, gas refueling stations are slowly becoming a thing of the past.

The new-age charging station

For the unversed, the new-age EV charging stations are nothing like the old gas stations. The overall infrastructure, operation mode, and style of the EV charging stations are much more sophisticated and technology-driven. Human intervention is much less than we saw in the earlier gas stations. The functionality mode of the new V charging stations mainly runs on a self-service basis. The car drivers and owners will come down to the place, follow the instructions of the place, and refuel their cars in no time. 

Safe and secure

Just like the electricity-driven cars, the charging stations will offer increased safety and security to the world, its people, and the environment. The modern EV charging station for e-auto is run based on IoT. As a result, all customers EV car owners, and drivers can be sure of getting better support from the charging stations. These charging stations mainly work based on self-service. There are many charging points to which drivers can easily connect their cars and start charging their cars in no time. Some of the latest and ace technology contribute to AC and DC charging of the cars. Hence, your car charging will be complete in no time.

Suits every pocket

One of the best aspects of these EV charging stations and their charging support is that they are much less costly than gas refueling. With the growing scarcity of petroleum products, gas car driving has become expensive. Not every person in India can afford to own and drive their vehicle. However, with the all-new EV cars, the scenario will change very fast. Due to the car model and design and cheaper refueling options, now a broader spectrum of people can afford to own these cars and use them for their personal use.

Upcoming phenomenon

Many people feel that the EV charging stations are not adequate in their numbers. In answer to this statement, it can be said that several of these EV charging stations are coming up in the urban areas of India. There are several of these charging stations on the national highways connecting various metropolitan cities and many places and points in the main cities of the nation. The latest technology and infrastructure facilities contribute to making these charging stations highly commendable, stylish, and sleek. One look at these stations will convey their superior planning compared to the traditional general gas stations. 

Energy point

The EV charging stations draw their power from the electricity grids of the urban region. Leading metropolitan cities in India have developed their electricity distribution strength and span adequately to support the new and upcoming EV charging stations. Hence the power supply to the place is stable and secure. Customers can be sure of steady service all through the day and night. The energy supply is enough to support all the electric cars in the city. Since the users and the drivers of EV cars have become sure of the energy quality and their availability at different urban centers, they can move out to various distances without the fear of running out of charge and being stranded in the middle of nowhere.

Growing e-auto popularity

The top quality EV charging stations are one of the main reasons that explain the growing e-auto popularity. Electricity-driven cars are the national transportation future. The EV cars are environmentally friendly and affordable in their running and maintenance costs. A broader spectrum of users can buy these cars for their personal use. The rising number of EV charging stations for e-autos has encouraged interested buyers to invest in e-autos without worrying about the support they will get in India to run their vehicles freely. Modern EV charging stations try to serve all their customers optimally through the best quality products and services. 

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EV’s in the luxury market.

Electric luxury cars come with a lot of advantages that make them an attractive option for discerning consumers seeking both opulence and eco-friendliness.


Mercedes- Benz EQS price for the base model is Rs. 1.62 crore. Powered by an 80kWh lithium-ion battery, it will offer around 350 km of range. The Mercedes-Benz EQC will support a 110kW fast charger which can charge the battery up from 10 to 80 per cent within 40 minutes. 

Why to buy?

  • Extravagant cabin
  • Claims a range of more than 500km
  • Tech fest


The Volvo XC40 Recharge is priced at Rs.56.90 lakh ( ex-showroom ), offering a claimed range of 418km on a single full charge. The model generates 408 hp of power and comes with various safety features.

Why to buy ?

  • Elegant and premium stance
  • Safety features
  • Distinctive features


Audi e-tron price starts at Rs. 1.02 Cr and top model price goes upto Rs. 1.26 Cr. The e-tron’s 150-kW fast-charger can recharge the battery up to 80 percent in about 30 minutes, and adapters, cables, or small groceries can all be conveniently stored in the frunk. Generates 355 horsepower with an EPA-estimated range of as much as 226 miles

Why to buy ?

  • Blistering performance
  • Composed handling
  • Sharp looks

4.BMW i7

BMW i7 price starts at Rs. 2.03 Cr and top model price goes upto Rs. 2.50 Cr. I7 is offered in 2 variants. The i7 xDrive60 comes with 536 horsepower and a driving range of up to 318 miles.

Why to buy ?

  • Long electric range
  • Cutting edge technology
  • Luxurious interior
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