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Environment is the first element that gets affected when the carbon footprints increase. The traditional automotive or transportation system directly influences the rise in carbon emissions. Hence, the need to choose sustainable solutions for traveling and addressing modern transportation needs becomes a must. At Electriva, we are committed to offering eco-friendly solutions to our B2B and B2C consumers with the setup of e- scooter charging station and other charging infrastructure. Whether it is access to high-speed charging amenities or assistance in setting up the charging station for electric vehicles, we facilitate all the requirements in a budget-friendly way.


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Bringing a change in daily transportation has a scope to attract a positive change in the environment. With our resources like DC fast chargers, smart connectivity of chargers, charging units compatible with different EV automobiles, and setting up of EV charging stations in India, Electriva backs you up with comprehensive assistance in achieving the green goals. Being the eco-friendly means of transport, all EV automobiles play a vital role in reversing carbon emissions, further keeping the atmosphere clean. Hence, our proactive experts address the customized requirements of EV charging business groups and homeowners with suitable products or services according to their specifications. 

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The commonly used vehicles like two-wheelers, scooters, and three-wheelers demand the fuel to be intact or refilled due to the consistent utility. In the case of EVsEV, the fast charging stations do the needful by allowing the users to access the best-in-class infrastructure designed by Electriva. All our Wi-Fi-enabled EV charging stations in India have flexible pricing and offer a seamless charging experience to the users. Most of all, we have made our charging resources accessible for all EV users irrespective of their location in India by helping them use the Electriva app. With the help of this EV charging app, users can charge 2, 3, and 4-wheeler electric vehicles. To get started with the smooth charging experience or setting up of EV charging stations, contact us at


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