EVs (Electric Vehicles) are increasingly becoming popular around the world. With more EVs plying on the roads, the demand for charging stations has risen significantly in the last couple of years. EV car and bike owners seek easy and quick access to fast charging stations at strategic points in their city. The central and federal governments encourage EV sales and installation of charging stations. 

Essential things to consider

Public EV charging stations provide convenient access to all owners to fast charge their vehicles. While using them, follow certain charging etiquette. Know them in detail. It includes respecting prevailing government rules and regulations. Optimize energy efficiency and care for other drivers on the road. Considering these aspects allows you to enjoy driving your EVs on highways and busy roads. 

Check battery

Download the battery checker app provided by the leading public EV charging company. Provide some details about your EV and monitor your battery’s present health condition. The app offers accurate and unique information that allows you to know when to charge the battery the next time. Perform this activity each time before charging the battery. It ensures the battery’s optimum performance and saves time.

Do’s and Don’t s to follow while charging your EV at public stations

  • Ensure all EV users access charging facilities: Following appropriate charging etiquette ensures easy access and availability of charging stations to all EV users. It is crucial in areas with limited charging infrastructure. 
  • Optimize energy efficiency: Following charging etiquette helps optimize energy efficiency. You use energy more efficiently and contribute towards saving the environment. 
  • Save on expenses: Following appropriate charging etiquette helps save money on your charging expenses. Off-peak hour charging rates at EV charging point in Delhi are lower than peak hours. Avail of this advantage to save precious money. 
  • Monitor charging process: Monitor keenly the charging process. As the battery reaches 80%, disconnect the charging cable. Charging beyond this level reduces its lifespan and damages the battery.
  • Higher power output charging station: For fast charging EVs, select Level-3 charging station. It takes less time to obtain a full charge. You can charge your vehicle quickly and avoid queues.
  • Join membership programs: When searching for a reliable EV charging points in Delhi, check if they offer membership programs. It helps you to avail lots of benefits including discounts on your charges. 
  • Use fast chargers to the minimum: Fast charging your electric vehicle saves time and allows you to rush with your work. However, excessive fast charging is not good as it impacts the battery’s health negatively.
  • Safety considerations: Follow appropriate EV charging procedures. Do not tamper with any charging equipment. It helps maintain charging station functionality and keeps you safe. 
  • Impact on other users: While charging your EV at public charging stations, consider the impact on other users. If the place has limited charging, be wary of station usage duration. Respect others’ charging needs.

Access public charging stations wisely 

Follow prevailing public station rules and regulations. It includes choosing designated spots to park your vehicle and respecting time limits. Otherwise, improper parking will restrict other drivers who might want to access the station to charge their vehicles. Follow appropriate etiquette to derive the benefits.

Tips to locate and use public charging stations

  • Research the web for available charging options: Do not wait for the last moment to charge your EV battery. Research available charging options in your area. Plan your needs. Locate the places where you can avail of public charging stations and their operational hours. 
  • Use station locator website or app: Download the locator app on your smartphone to find and access public charging stations on your route. Apps provide real-time information on charging station status, availability, and direction. Few include a trip planner to reduce stress and avoid higher prices.
  • Get authorization to access and use the private charging stations: You may seek to charge your vehicle at a private business-owned station, like an office building or a hotel. Inquire the front desk about usage conditions, rules, and regulations to follow. Such places could be reserved for their regular customers and employees.

Maintain proper etiquette

Follow proper charging etiquette to derive the benefits. It helps optimize energy efficiency and reduce charging costs. You can enjoy a hassle-free, smooth EV charging and driving experience.