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Fastest and Largest EV Charge Point Network in India

ElectriVa, one of the leading EV Charging Point Operators, is here to build the fastest and largest EV Charge Point Network in India with advanced state-of-the-art infrastructure,operated through IoT based unmanned & automated systems, powered by sustainable energy sources and data analytic tools, driving the growth of clean mobility. Using an open access platform to simplify charging, making it more affordable and credible by ensuring our chargers work every single time.

We have improvised and developed an advanced EV Charging solutions for Business owners and end consumers.


Having range anxiety with your EV? With ElectriVa’s extensive EV Charging Network, go anywhere, anytime.


In order to ease EV-users’ travel, we are focused on developing a vast network of 12+ Lakh  EV Charging Points in India by 2030. We are dedicated to providing an ecosystem to EV-users, which is easily accessible at one go. 

By encouraging the mobility segment to embrace electric vehicles as a method of transportation, we aim to contribute toward a greener tomorrow. We are on a path to reduce carbon emission and achieve our goal to become the first Net-Zero emission charge point operator of India.

ElectriVa’s EV Roaming Programme

Connect with ElectriVa’s mobile app and gain access to India’s EV Charging Station database through our EV roaming programme.

ElectriVa’s EV roaming programme aims to improve the charging experience of EV users. We have collaborated with numerous Charge Point Operators in India to create a single platform where EV users can locate an EV Charging Station, use it, and pay for it using ElectriVa’s mobile application.



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