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The need to charge electric vehicles at a faster speed has become a common requirement for all EV owners. Whether it is a two-wheeler, three-wheeler or any other automobile powered by electric current needs advanced amenities according to the vehicle charging compatibility with the charger. In Kanpur specifically, Electriva is setting a benchmark through the high-speed charging station setup. The ac001 and CCS charging amenities of 60 kW are offered at the EV fast charging station in Kanpur while ensuring the fast speed and consistent performance of the charger. Besides, the Bharat ac001 charging facilities have reduced up to 750+ instances of carbon emissions with 1000+ EV charging stations in India.


What makes EV charging station in Kanpur reliable? 


The best practices of charging and organized collaborative approach of utilizing the services of EV charging points in Kanpur are being worked over. At Electriva, we believe in addressing the slow charging of EV automobiles raised by the customer through the fast charging infrastructure. Our consistent endeavors have been to revolutionize the idea of e- bike charging station in kanpur  charging through the well-equipped fast electric vehicle charging station in Kanpur. From the easily manageable portability of the charger, tackling the barriers in the path of a long-lasting battery system, and employing sustainable energy to the use of analytical tools, the modern EV charging station infrastructure in Kanpur is driving increased mobility.

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Our fast and slow charging speed amenities for EV automobiles are designed for businesses as well as individual users. You can easily find the EV charging station near you in the commercial hubs of Kanpur and contact our professionals for personal EV charging station setup. For a detailed overview, you can check the product catalog to shortlist the best fast electric vehicle charging station in Kanpur. Have you prepared the roadmap to proceed with the optimum utilization of EV charging infrastructure? Plan a journey with us by contacting us at our toll-free number 1800-833-0809.



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