Experience Futuristic Charging Through An Eco-Friendly EV Charging Station In Delhi NCR

EV Charging Station In Delhi NCR

Owning luxurious vehicles is a proud feeling for all of us, but, the level of carbon emissions they emit leads to pollution, in the long run. However, a smart investment will be to choose electric vehicles over traditional ones to keep the environment clean and convenient for automobile charging. Reflecting over the above lines, Electriva is filling in the gaps in the industry through its various EV charging stations in India. Particularly, the consumers in Delhi NCR can get familiar with the superior grade’s B2B and B2C charging amenities. Our EV charging station in Delhi NCR combines efficiency with sustainability to cope with users’ requirements for an uninterrupted journey.


USPs of Electriva’s EV charging station in Delhi NCR


With several initiatives and awareness campaigns by the Indian Government, the number of users switching to electric vehicles is rising consistently. At Electriva, we believe in making the experience of charging EV hassle-free for businesses and individuals with our state-of-the-art infrastructure and smart controls to operate fast charging resources. Following are some of the USPs of our EV charging station in Delhi NCR that you can count on: 

  • Smart connectivity through the Electriva app 
  • Seamless charging experience supported by high-speed Wi-Fi connection 
  • Customizable pricing of EV charging resources according to users’ budget 
  • LCD touchscreen for easier accessibility 
  • Multiple EV charging ports for simultaneous use by 3 automobiles 
  • A sustainable EV charging solution that does not affect the ecological balance

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All the users have diversified yet variable usage of DC fast charging or regular amenities for electric vehicles. Whether it is a 2-wheeler, 3-wheeler, or 4-wheeler automobile, we facilitate the advanced and customized requirements at EV charging station in Delhi NCR, contact us at info@electrivaindia.com for a detailed discussion


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