Ev/Dc Charging Station In Trivandrum

Charging Station In Trivandrum

Electriva, one of the fastest growing EV charging point operators is marking its presence across in India with diversified amenities including analytical tools, state-of-the-art infrastructure and rapidly promoting clean mobility. Among the multiple resources for charging EVs across the nation, our charging station in Trivandrum comprises fast charging infrastructure to address the route requirements of consumers planning a long journey. With the prime objective to give a break to growing carbon footprints, we emphasize the use of high-speed chargers that do not affect ecological balance. The optimal use of Bharat AC001 charging facilities in Trivandrum, Electriva is helping users access the EV charging services according to their requirements in a hassle-free manner.

Besides, the open platform for charging electric vehicles without any interruption, we ensure affordable, efficient, and powerful chargers. Among all our resources, DC fast charging station in Trivandrum has performed in a path-breaking way to address the EV charging needs of B2B and B2C segments. At Electriva, we believe in helping commercial institutes and individual users identify their charging needs according to their EV use limits. Whether it is CCS2 60kW with Dual Gun infrastructure or other fast-speed EV charging services, we focus on providing the best-in-class services to our new & existing consumers.

What Makes Electriva’s Ev Charging Station Unique?

We understand the automated system used at the electric vehicle charging station in Trivandrum can be sometimes challenging for a few users. Therefore, we have created a comprehensive, yet, simple-to-operate console for charging EVs in a cost-effective & timely manner. Electriva assists business owners and consumers in getting familiar with the Bharat ac001, DC, and the other fast-charging resources, initially! If you are planning to make the optimal use of our EV charging facilities or want to discuss your requirements, then, contact us at info@electrivaindia.com. 



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