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EV Charging Station In North Delhi

Pollution has taken a toll on the environment of Delhi and the need to adopt clean mobility has become a must. At Electriva, we understand the dire requirements of bringing in clean mobility to contribute to the charging needs of over 1.2 lakh EV automobiles. Whether it is through the public or private locations serving as the EV charging station in North Delhi or Delhi NCR, we focus on the best-in-class and sustainable charging infrastructure. In addition to offering a better and eco-friendly driving experience, the maintenance of EV has to be focused on, in terms of timely charging and fine-tuning! 

However, with the help of the fast-charging amenities of Electriva, it will become easier for you to resume the driving session in a short while. It is essential to note that the charging duration of electric vehicles depends on the size of the battery, the capacity of charging, and the impact of environmental factors on the charging speed. Well, when it comes to availing the facilities of the dc fast charger in New Delhi, commercial buildings, OEMs, amusement parks, and real estate businesses are some of the B2B clients that benefit from our EV charging services.


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Undoubtedly, the air-quality changes are clearly indicating the need to switch to an alternative methodology for attracting eco-friendly transportation systems. Electriva is all set to help all its users in North Delhi and throughout New Delhi with reliable, cost-effective, incredibly designed EV charging stations and the ease to access these facilities for their automobiles. 1800-833-0809. It is interesting to share that we have installed 37 EV charging points in Delhi. Experience the fast & convenient access to ac001 EV charging facilities by partnering with Electriva.

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