Kerala is among the top states in India promoting the circulation of EVs. It is leading the route in electric vehicle adoption among the commoners. One of the reasons behind such a progressive policy is the role of the Kerala government. In the last few years, the Kerala government has developed and promoted proactive policies and measures to encourage the use and adoption of electric vehicles in the state. The proactive approach of the Kerala government, with the aid of KSEB, has helped develop an extensive network of charging stations for EVs in the state. The increasing number of charging stations in Kerala is a testament to the government policies. One can find various types of charging stations in multiple locations. Apart from the placement of the charging stations, the cost factor has enhanced the process to the next level. All these have enhanced the strategies for improving access to EV charging stations in the south Indian state. 

Overview of Electric Vehicle Charging in Kerala

Kerala has always been the flagbearer of the recent electric vehicle revolution in India. The role of the state government is incredible in this aspect. The bureaucrats have always adhered to a proactive approach to incentivize the use and promotion of electric vehicles among the Keralites. The new-age EV charging stations across various parts of the state have helped in the significant increase of EVs in the state. In the next ten to fifteen years, the numbers will only increase exponentially. One of the best reasons for the EV adoption growth is the ever-evolving charging infrastructure. The EV charging station in Kerala are reliable and efficient. The government has focused on the best measures to ensure optimal maintenance of the charging points in the state. Hence, one can expect a consistent and reliable service for the EVs. It is an integral reason behind the ever-increasing popularity of electric vehicles in Kerala. 

The types of EV charging stations in Kerala

Apart from the infrastructure, the availability of DC and AC charging stations has helped the EV adoption growth in the south Indian state. The different types of EV charging stations in the state boosts the convenience of EV users. One can spot public and private charging stations, with fast and slow chargers. The charging tariff is an additional benefit for EV users. 

The public charging stations are funded by government schemes. The maintenance depends on the state government as well. The private charging stations are funded and maintained by the corporate and private entities. 

The Kerala State Electricity Board, or KSEB, is in charge of all the public charging stations. One can find leading brands like – ElectriVa, as the reliable operator of EV charging stations in Kerala. The chargers are also diverse and dynamic. Get the fast chargers (DC chargers) and slow chargers (AC chargers) as per the requirements of the car and affordability. The fast chargers can ensure a full charge within an hour. The slow chargers can more than three hours for a full charge. 

About the cost – The cost of charging your EV depends on the charging station and its infrastructure. Public charging stations are affordable with the Rs 15/Unit tariff. The private charging stations are expensive. However, the experience and convenience of using private charging stations are better compared to public charging stations. The best EV charging stations in Kerala provide a hassle-free experience and efficient charging solution. One can also avail of discounts or incentives to manage the overall cost and ensure affordability. 

Cost-determinants that you must know – 

The cost of EV charging in Kerala depends on more than one factor. It includes the electricity rate, charging efficiency, and charging method. Know the following factors and calculate the cost of charging an EV in Kerala – 

  • Electricity Rate – The most significant factor is the cost of electricity per unit (kWh). The base tariff of the Kerala State Electricity Board Stations is Rs 15/Unit, making it an affordable choice for all EV users.
  • Battery Capacity – The capacity of the battery of an electric car is crucial in recognizing the charging cost and efficiency. 
  • Charging Efficiency – Electric vehicles need efficient charging. It requires fast conversion of electrical energy into usable energy for driving. The efficiency differs with the various EV models. The average efficiency range is around 80-90%. 

Closing note – Make an informed choice. 

The actual expenditure of EV charging depends on the dynamic factors discussed here. With the best-in-class charging infrastructure supported by the operators, ease the worries of efficient charging. Make an informed choice by reviewing the influencing factors for the overall expenditure of EV charging in Kerala. The future is EV, and it is vital to recognize the factors beforehand!